Author, Bodyworker, Magic-Maker


It's hard to put a thousand-petal peg into a square hole, so for the sake of simplicity, we'll limit my site to just a few things:

Children's Books. My career-passion. I write them, I translate them. I read them. And sometimes I read and write books about adults too.

Thai Yoga Bodywork. The dance of movement and meditation where I take a tensed-up body and loosen it. Clients laugh, release, sometimes snooze. Invariably they leave with a deep peace and joy sifted into the bones.

Enchantment Camps. My beloved and I spend summers training young Wizards to master the Magical Arts.

Kindling Words. Twice a year, old friends and new come together to stoke the flames of inspiration. These retreats for published authors, illustrators and editors of children's books are treasured by all who come. 

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