Thai Yoga Bodywork and Its Benefits

When I was exposed to Thai yoga bodywork, my eyes were opened to the amazement of how good my body could feel. I experienced it for the first time on a trip through Thailand. My brother had fallen in love with a lovely Thai woman and they decided that they would get married in Thailand near her family. Being a dedicated sister and also needing a nice break from the chaos of my own life, I happily went on a Thai vacation. While most of the trip was devoted to the wedding preparations and the ceremony, I also did get to experience some of the joy of Thai culture, including Thai yoga bodywork.

How it is practiced?

One of the biggest differences between Thai yoga bodywork and other thai-yoga-statues-1383550_1920forms of massage is that they do not use any oils or lotions. There is no reason to get all slippery. You actually do not even take your clothes off. So that was a perk for me considering I do not like to show my birthday suit to strangers, no matter how professional they may be. It really is not good for my self-esteem, regardless of whether they say anything about it.

If you are the personal receiving the bodywork, you should be wearing comfortable clothes, like something you would work out in. It does not work out well if you are wearing jeans or anything like that. The person getting the bodywork done gets to lay down on a mat on the floor. Then the receiver will be moved into a bunch of yoga positions during the massage. While that may sound painful, since you are pretty much being bent into the form of a pretzel, it is done with slow rhythmic breaths and performed slowly, so the person doing the work is not going to rip your body and muscles apart.

The bodywork and massage will follow what is called the sen of the body. The person performing the bodywork will often use their own body to move the recipient all around. Sometimes the person doing the massage will use even his or her legs and feet to get the recipient’s body to move the way that it is supposed to. There is a rhythm to the whole thing too, making it an awesome and amazing relaxing experience. And plus it helps your flexibility. You will be amazed at how your body can move.

What are the types?

monk-977174_1920There are actually two types of Thai yoga bodywork. They are both used for the purpose of healing and are a type of healing art. The first one is called the traditional form, which is found all over Thailand. The other one is called the ancient one and is found more in Nepal and India. They may look the same from the outside, but the way that they make you feel is completely different. The ancient method is based more in mediation and prayer. Before the bodywork even starts, there is a meditation between both the person receiving the massage and the person giving the massage. Then the person giving the massage will start to recite a mantra.

The reason that there are the two different forms has to do with the fact that Thailand lost a lot of its ancient history throughout the many wars that happened between Thailand and Burma. Since Nepal and India did not experience the same kind of loss of culture, they were not affected. But Thailand lost the religious aspect of the method and instead just maintained the bodywork.

Regardless of the kind that you wind up being able to experience, you will absolutely not regret it.


The Ways to Becoming a Magic Maker

If you saw me in person, you might not believe me that I can make magic happen. But I can. It all starts with what you consider to be magic. If you are thinking of Harry Potter, then no, that’s not the kind of magic I can do. I perform my own brand of magic.


maxresdefaultWhether you realize it or not, meditation is a foundation of all magical thinking. You have to be able to block out all of the noises that are clouding your brain and listen to your heart beat. Feel your own skin. Once you are able to focus on just being, the world itself will become completely mind changing and magical.

Understanding your senses will create something new for you. You will see colors better. You will hear noises clearer. You will see the world as you have only dreamed it can be. The mind is an incredibly powerful being. Don’t underestimate its abilities to change the world as you know it and perceive it to be. Now that is magic.


One of the most magical things in this world and on others is the use of positivity. Your views on your situation in the world will dramatically affect how you are in the world. If you are looking for all of the bad and negativity in the situations of the world, you will only find the negativity in the world. Whereas if you look for the positive and the humor in the world, that is what you will find. Looking on the Brightside of life is contagious as well, and you will find many people responding well to the positive spin on things. There are the cynics of course who will view your positivity as if it were some kind of drug fueled psychosis. But, as a positive person, you will know to ignore that as well and let it go.

One of the most magical things about positivity is how you can change other people’s days around you with it. Look around you now. If you see someone looking down, regardless of whether they are a stranger or not, and find something great about them. Then let them know you see what is great about them. People need a little encouragement in life. Even if it doesn’t seem like much, you will be surprised when someone smiles. Even if it is something that they receive compliments on a lot of the time, you are sure to make a stranger’s day. You have created a smile out of thin air. Poof! Now that is real magic.


harmony-1229893_1920Another source of my magical powers is my ability to push gratefulness forward. If you can show gratitude to someone, acknowledging their efforts in what they are doing, even if it seems small on the surface, you have created a ripple effect. Having something thank you for something will encourage you to thank someone for something else. Whether it is only inside of your own family unit between you and your spouse or with the checkout clerk at the grocery store, gratitude is a source of magical power. By pushing my gratitude in the world, I in turn have created even more gratitude. If that is magical, I don’t know what is.

Too often we get so wrapped up in our own busy lives that we forget to stop and acknowledge the people who help us every day. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. It can be the barista making you a mocha, but showing gratitude is pushing further joy into the world and making it a better place. And that is true magic.